STOP Organization discusses preparing the general budget for KRG with the high official in the finance ministry

on 26 January 2023, a team from STOP Organization met Aram Abdulla the new pointed budget general director in the Kurdistan region. the aim of the meeting was to congratulate him on his new position and introduce him to our projects, especially this part which is related to advocating passing the general budget in Kurdistan parliament.
Mr. Abdullah mentioned the importance of the NGO’s role in the process of preparing the General budget to nominate the citizen’s demands and seek, in order to have a general budget that can reflect the people’s demands. for that, he expressed to have more cooperation with the NGo.
in the end, he gave recent updates regarding the process of preparing the general budget for 2023.

رەنگە تۆ ئارەزووی ئەمانشە بکەیت پۆستی زیاتری نوسەر

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