Sarkhel Hashm
I’m not going to define corruption again speculations and viewpoint about this issue must be analyzed, this issue now in Kurdistan Region overpassed all stages either in written documents or action.
Action in the meaning of yes corruption in Kurdistan Region overpassed in the frame of corruption it almost becomes predation, it’s true that it’s different from one country to another country and mechanism of achieving for social reality again is different, but reality in Kurdistan Region says something else, for example in a modern country corruption didn’t contain all joints of society, but here inversion of third world countries and middle east which corruption is a real phenomena and stopped societies in developing civilization, science and economy and prevents societies in stages of developing their civilization.
Economic failure and not inaugural in Kurdistan Region is the basic reason of those waste and predation which were implemented by officials previously, that’s why we must admit that now the duty of commission of Integrity is difficult, although public is in a hurry in implementing preventing corruption.
We are in the first step for prohibiting corruption and in a hurry for success, but for success we need inaugural government and activating Kurdistan parliament and coordination of other sides and desire.
We need to build faith in society which reform for the purpose of prohibiting corruption in Kurdistan Region is not imaginary, especially when we have a strategic plan and special inaugural for prohibiting corruption.
It’s true that corruption is in the top, but the importance of it is reforms and liquidator is in the top also, public expects to seize corruptors not just only by speech, expects that corruption done through action and also reforms done through action.
Translated by Srwa Wryia

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