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Political corruption means misusing public offices, governmental institutions for the purpose of illegal and secret achievement. All government forms may possible be under the effect of political corruption. Shape of corruption is different from each other, but the most common one is giving predecessor right in implementation and gaining general service, bribes, using threats for gaining general services using effects and taking away government wealth by employees and using nepotism and illegal works.
Corruption phenomenon is a common phenomenon and all countries suffer from it, because this phenomenon is not only reflects on economic situation of a country but it has a lot of danger for democracy system of this country. From ancient time corruption defined as using country wealth for special individual interests.
Unfortunately today in Kurdistan this phenomenon is widely spread, but here there is one difference with those corruptions that happens in west, and it’s in democratic and developed countries, judicial authority takes a good role in preventing this phenomenon and they don’t look at those people’s faces who commit corruption and it’s not important for them this person has authority or political or a higher post in government. It’s important by judicial authority to put this corrupt actor in front of court and investigate and punish him/her. As an example Italy many times judicial commission prevented corruption in the court of this country, (Silvio Berlusconi) prime minister of Italy as a crime of implementing corruption stood in front of court and he has many dossier in court about corruption. Some of them are about personal behavior and used his status for illegal affairs with girls of illegal age.
On the other side the previous president of France (jack chirac) age 76, as a crime of using government wealth for his special interest, at that time was a chairman of municipal of Paris from the beginning of seventy’s, effected all world. Of course those countries which corruption takes place, must establish legislative authority, and contain some expert judges, sensible and brave with any corruption without paying attention of his post drag him in front of court and punish him.
Here now in our Region must have a legal draft for legal publish and observing administration, because we can’t be against this corruption, because most of the time there is a strong relation between administration corrupt actors and financial corrupt actors, that’s why there must be a commission of financial and administration observation in government so as to control both corruptions.
Corruption puts a very dangerous obstacle in front of developing each country. In the field of politic, it will lead to weaken democracy and implementing a good polity by undermining official process. Corruption in elections, commission and legislative institutions leads decreasing investigations and decreasing the average of representation in the process of decision making; corruption in forensic authority will lead to damage rule of law; corruption in managing public services will lead to presenting services in unequal way. In general meaning will lead to damaging abilities of governmental institutions while not taking the ways into consideration, the sources will annulled, the workers and employees will establish and raising their degrees without observing the level of their work. At the same time corruption will lead to weaken the fairness of government and some value of democracy as faith (honesty) forgiveness.
Corruption is widely spread in many countries, and contains the basic harm for the safeness of citizens of this country. Political corrupt actors’ means government politic will be the interest of those who give bribe not for public audience. Another example is how politicians formulate those laws for protecting huge company’s and harm little trade projects. These politicians (support trade) can easily change for supporting those huge companies which was participated with a huge average of the attempts of electing them with money.
Corruption; means misusing status or public authority for personal interest. Corruption according to law and worked ways is prohibited.
Legal corruption! Is another type of corruption, more of using status and public authority which contradicted to law, for special interest, is a situation which was arranged by law. Legal corruption state for a process which is fully corrupted and corrupt actors according to law without fear in legal investigation, using status and authority for personal and special interest.
The example of the fairness authority of president and arranged each head of department and institutions, supported by the law were allowed for behavior, wasting government income for special and personal interest, using the law as a text for making silent of all enemies, here law takes supplementary role.
That’s why these laws must be amended which helps the one’s who has the authority sacrifices public interest for special interest.
Legal committee in Kurdistan parliament must produce a strong law for the purpose of confronting corruption generally and political corruption specially, so as to courts can able to without fear and hesitation trial with them and take legal ways in front of them.

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