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Stop organization for anti-corruption has published a statement directed to parliament, government and the public opinion, requesting that the reform process started against illegal wages, should have a time frame for implementation and they should also be strict against political parties.


To / Kurdistan Parliament

Council of Ministers

Public opinion


Subject: KRG Reforms

Conducting reforms in the Kurdistan region in recent years, has been an urgent need, but due to no real will from the authorities, the process was not carried out, now after the pressure from Baghdad and the international community, the process has really begun, but it needs support and coordination from the officials, civil society and citizens, in order the process will succeed, there are some points that must be taken into account, including:

First: the bill on reforms regarding retirees, payrolls and grants prepared by the government in consultation with the parliament, integrity commission, public prosecutor that is expected approved and implemented in the new year, the bill should not be touched negatively, so any one who has become unlawfully beneficial, escapes, it must also have a timeframe and establishment of a so-called Service Council.

Second: there is a need for a special solution for those who are illegally taking salaries without working, known as “ghost employees”, it must be concluded that the government gives wages to partisan members in cooperation with the committee established with Baghdad for the audit .

Third: urgent work with Baghdad necessary to accept legal condition so that Baghdad sends employee salaries to the region as soon as possible.

Fourth: implement real reform in the oil sector which is the source of a great deal of problems in the Kurdistan.

Fifth: end the monopolization of the market from the political parties and create an effective market that creates real competition thus in the interests of citizens.

Sixth: amendment of the Public Prosecutor Law, support the Integrity Commission and the office of financial supervision, so they play a more active role in this process, also giving more roles to universities, research centers and civil society organizations.

In the opposite case, if a comprehensive reform is not carried out in all fields, this time also will have an analgesic effect and will not solve the problems.

STOP Organization for Anti-Corruption

31 December 2017

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