American NED assures its support for STOP organization

STOP Media

National Endowment for Democracy NED, assures its support for the STOP organization’s activities and work, it will also closely monitor the situation.

Mr. Ahmed Ali in charge of Iraq desk from NED, In a telephone conversation with STOP Director Farman Rashad, he showed his concern for closing STOP office in Erbil, stressing that they will continue to support STOP as before.
On his side, Farman Rashad on behalf of the STOP organization stated gratefulness to NED for all support both morally and financially, he also stressed that STOP will continue its works despite the pressures from the security authorities.
It is worth mentioning that the American NED supports democracy and freedom globally, in the last three years they have sponsored STOP’s projects To Promote Accountability & Rule of Law in the Kurdistan Region.

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