The children of some officials are protected by 15 guards

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A parliamentary member from the Integrity Committee states that reform should start from top to bottom, that is, it starts from the Prime Minister down to a regular employee. He also says that it is not normal for an KRG official who has employed 15 guards to drive his children to the university.
Firsat Sofi MP from the Integrity Committee, told Dwaroj media that the reform process has begun and the two major parties KDP / PUK support the effort, they do not want that national resources to be wasted, so the reform has started from the Prime Minister down to the smallest employee.
He also said that legislation for retirement will be stricter in accordance with Iraqi laws.
He also revealed that those who have not had any posts and who have been retired as ministers and general directors, further he told that there are some officials who have passed away but still their guards are taking wages from the government, they must also be removed as well as the people living abroad and taking a salary here.

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