Commission of Integity reveals many corruption cases

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In a press conference, the director of Iraq’s Commission of Integrity Hassan Yasiri has announced with data and numbers that they have revealed several high-level corruption cases in state institutions in 2017, saying that the cases were sent to the courts and processed which led to that large amount of money has come back to the state.
The main issues are as follows:
18 dossiers responsible with ministerial level have been sent to the courts.
483 people are accused of corruption.
50 billion, 130 million and 926 thousand Iraqi Dinars have been seized.
Commision of Integity has received 20 thousand and 880 messages and alerts about possible corruption from the public.
Commision of Integity has returned 132 billion Iraqi Dinars to the national treasury.
Commision of Integity is also working to get back 41 billion Dinars to the state.

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