About us

Who are we?
STOP Organization for Anti-Corruption was founded in 2013, as a civilian non-governmental nonprofit organization by a group of voluntary of various activists due to the high level of corruption both in public and private sectors in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
Because of the high level of corruption and injustice of the distribution of wealth in society and a desperate need for anti-corruption efforts and lack of organizations specifically for anti-corruption work except a few weak and unorganized activists attempt and some campaigns, we were the first organization of this field to be established in the region.


Our vision is that the Kurdistan region to be governed by a transparent administration free of corruption in both the public and private sector by strengthening the foundations for good governance based on the principles of integrity and enhanced the culture of a society against bribery and corruption.


• Our mission is to promote accountability and stop corruption trough the rule of law and an open society based on freedom and democratic values.
• Improving citizen participation in anti-corruption work and activities.
• Strengthen public and private institutions and local administration bodies against bribery and corruption.
• Improve the effectiveness and independence of the institutions and regulatory departments and competent in the field of anti-corruption.
• Improve the integrity and independence of the judicial institutions.